Uh-oh! Wait a minute!

Oh dear – here we go again – Remember when I told you about the which-comes-first dilemma of two story-moving events, each important, each one happening to a different character (Va’el being one of them), each needing to be separate from the other with plenty of space around it so that each can stand and be appreciated alone?

Then I sorted it and didn’t have to go through a double working of the events to see which way would sit better?

Remember that?

Well, I forgot about a scene that has to come directly before one of those events and cannot, in itself, be put off – which of course cements that one in place and so dictates their order.

Sooooooo… Did I get it right when I made my decision and Yippeed for Joy all over this blog?





No. It has to go the other way, the other something first, then Va’el.

Ohh, it’s not so bad, it’s just a bit like knocking out a wall and moving the lounge room into the bedroom, but writers are good at fiddling with words and shuffling prose, and I did kind of expect it. I do still manage to avoid the whole write-up of both versions complete with all the side bits and plug-ins that are a part of it all, and I did still have to write all the parts anyway, so… I’m still ahead.


Another plus is that there wasn’t a whole heap written the wrong way around, so there’s not a whole heap to poke at.

Okay – so, forget about the lounge room into the bedroom analogy, it’s more like a contents swap of the wardrobe and the bathroom cabinet, but I’ll make it fit and hopefully nothing will have to be flushed down the toilet…

Sheesh! Do you guys realize how hard it is to tell you stuff without actually telling you stuff and giving away the plot???




2 thoughts on “Uh-oh! Wait a minute!

  1. writingsprint

    LOL. At times like this it’s good to remember that post about about writing scenes with characters that you never wind up using. “It was a magnificent… left turn… and I’ll never use it… bugger.”

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      You are reading my mind! I have a magnificent scene AND WHOLE PLOT for Sevi when I thought her story had to go one particular way… Man, brand new characters (some have already taken off, but with nowhere to BE), brand new situation, brand new research – all done – I wrote the entire lead up to the event… and then found that no, she wouldn’t be going down that path at all.

      There’s a whole story there, shelved and waiting, and I really REALLY wanted it for Sevi. “Bugger” is right! 😀


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