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Life, People, Relationships – all in Sci-fi – Shocker!


I always write what I want to read, and I always write what I want to write – and why should sci-fi be “pure” while all other genres are allowed to have LIFE?

Fortunately, science fiction nowadays DOES have life, yet the concept remains, particularly when it comes to sex.

I have been told numerous times that sci-fi doesn’t usually have sex in it, for instance, and that it is a different genre and writers shouldn’t mix genres. I usually reply that when the cowboy in a Western gets the girl in the end, no one says that’s a mixed genre of Western and Love story. Usually they get my point at once.

As a kid, I really didn’t like most of the science fiction available, including (actually, especially) the big name authors. Mostly it was too dour. It could be that I was reading above my age level, but what I really wanted was adventure and spaceships and alien planet colonization.

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A Big Slice of Waffle from the Past.


It’s the weekend, so here we go again – I’ve got some good posts back there during the last year, but unfortunately, I’ve got some waffly bits, too (no surprise there), yet this one caught my eyes and the theme is basically sound, so let’s look at some tech stuff (don’t worry, it’s not that tech), this time exploring why I mix some technologies in the sci-fi I write – I apologize in advance for wandering off course during this post-from-the-past and go on about living on the land, but do bear with me, my waffle does circle around and comes back to danger and guns (mostly ignoring the danger and leaving the guns inside) which hopefully shows the mentality that downplays a need, and also results in people choosing low-tech over high.

I almost edited out the waffle, but then you’d wonder what had been there, so I may as well leave it as is.

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