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Be one of 4 lucky winners to win an autographed paperback of The Khekarian Threat!

I haven’t got the date yet, nor indeed the question (such things are in the hands of my Competition Organizer), but I can tell you that the answer lies somewhere in the first four chapters, which are FREE TO READ RIGHT HERE:

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WARNING: Writing Sex and Getting Graphic.


Yesterday in comments, I mentioned that the major sex scene in my first book runs for 30 pages – it does, but don’t be fooled into thinking that means 30 pages of sweat and lust and tedious repetition – because it’s certainly not that – Technically, I suppose, you could break the scene into two, even three segments, but for all of that, with all that happens – the mental gymnastics, the physical fun and games, the action, the fallout and the aftermath, from beginning to end it really does last that long.

It’s actually hard to separate all that out, but I can say that it doesn’t feel anywhere near that long when you’re reading it. Mind, I don’t think anyone notices the page count at that point… or the pages… or the book.

It was actually a hugely tricky scene to write, and not just because of the sex.

First up, I’ll say that not all sexual encounters have to be detailed, of course. Hints or foreplay and then the closed bedroom door or a jump to the next morning works fine for many writers and readers. But then, that’s why there’s a warning stuck at the top of my blog page and on my books at Amazon and Kindle. Mine gets graphic, not always, but when it does, it DOES.

Detailed sex is probably THE most difficult things to write convincingly and realistically – particularly when you want it to appeal to both sexes (it’s a wide band, but put very, very simply, most men get turned on by physical description and most women get turned on by emotional description).

Writers can get in their own way when it comes to writing sex. It’s very easy to become self-conscious, shy or awkward, or worse, turned on – seriously, it might sound funny, but you have to know what goes onto the page and what’s going on in your head. You are WRITING, it has to be ON THE PAGE. It does a writer no good at all to fade out into their imagination and then assume that their readers have followed.

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If big books intimidated you… (and why do I write do I write fat books, anyway?) Again.

Banner6 600 x 120

Sometimes the wordpress reader doesn’t catch me, and this is one of those times (probably caused by too many tags – I get carried away sometimes) – so, for those who have already found me and read the post I posted, this is an additional post to point to the same page, allowing for those who have not yet found me and therefore missed the post I posted.

And to those who haven’t read the post I posted because they didn’t see me in the reader, of course it was fascinating…  😀  😀  😀

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If big books intimidate you… (and why do I write fat books, anyway?)

Banner6 600 x 120

At around the 600 page mark, each book in the Khekarian Series is a big book, about the size of two books and each contains two intertwining stories, so surely that makes each two books in one – so why don’t I just write two books each time, increase sales and show myself to be as prolific as I really am?

I actually considered that, but two things stopped me. The first book in the series, The Khekarian Threat was written, naturally, as a single unit – with start, middle and end, as you would expect and want. It did actually have a natural breaking point in the middle, a good “uh-oh, what happens next?” moment, and I could have split it there, but that would have given my readers entirely the wrong idea about the whole series.

It would have seemed like a serial, not a series, and they are very different things. The climax people wanted would have come in book two, not in book one, book one would have been like a half-book, even at 300 pages – and I just couldn’t do it.

Each book stands alone. It is better to read them in order, because there is progression, but each twin-story is complete (both sides), and each is a book in its own right. That’s important to me and important that my readers realize that. No one wants a book with no ending.

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Support the Authors you like!

Word of mouth is important! In this day and age where most writers are doing the writing, editing, proofing and the publishing themselves, they have to rely on word of mouth to build a reputation. We cannot afford advertising. We cannot fund book tours or invite ourselves on radio shows. We are unknown by the general public and not supported by publishing houses or expensive PR campaigns.

Word of mouth is it, the most important thing in the world to us.

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Sevi and the Ape-Twins – what more can I say?

Sometimes you have to meet a character directly. Sometimes action speaks louder than words. This isn’t really an action scene, but brings to light the juvenile attitude of her stalkers and some aspects of her invulnerability. Quite simply, Sevi is never intimidated. [Continue reading…]

Tweaking my Doubles, plus an Update on Book Two, and an Apology on Sex.

One at a time. Tweaking my Doubles: Posts, that is. Last Thursday (Wednesday to my USA pals), I posted an announcement that I will now post twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays (Mondays and Thursdays in the USA). This saw a spike in readership. Nice.

It might be one of those things, or it might be that Thursdays (Wednesdays, yeah you know where) is simply a better day for people to browse. I’m relatively new to blogging and have to take my cues where I get them. So, yes, you betcha, I’ll now be posting Tuesdays (Mondays) and Thursdays (Wednesdays), not Fridays (Thursdays).

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