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IT WAS POWER, IT WAS SEX – from The Khekarian Threat, out now on Amazon.


They sparred constantly, Aleisha knew without wanting to. It was sport, it was power, it was sex, relentlessly demanding. Both were driven to win, yet neither would tolerate the other losing.

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Multi-character perspective – and free to read chapters.


I love journeying along a story as I write it, seeing it unfold through the minds and eyes of a range of characters. I enjoy the different angles, the different viewpoints, attitudes, hopes, dreams, different mentalities.

I write deep stories with interwoven threads, a tapestry of diverse perception. Despite the seeming complexity, my books are easy to read.

Most people enjoy my work. Not everyone, but then no writer will ever please everyone. All I can tell you is that more people like it than don’t, and most of those who like my books, love them. You’ll know if it’s your thing before you finish the first chapter – but I have the first four freely available to read on my blog. I want people to know what they’re getting. That’s fair, isn’t it?

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The Accidental Multi-planetary Playground – And BAM!


I didn’t plan on writing a science fiction series when it all began – I had one story, one planet and a bunch of ordinary non-hero types enjoying a minor adventure within a pioneering society.

They met villains on the planet that had few laws. There was lust and murder and violence, spaceships and aliens and all the fun stuff that makes science fiction.

Then I stuck in two warring factions, two civilizations contained in vast empires, each controlling a substantial amount of the galaxy. I did that just to give background and depth.

I didn’t expect to get involved with all of that. However, it seemed like a great idea to link my villain into that background. It gave him much more power and menace and reason for doing the things he did. And BAM! Suddenly I had a multitude of planets to play with.

It opened the door to much more than just a series. It allowed me to explore every layer of civilization there has ever been. There’s borderline habitation (inhospitable areas of the galaxy) where penal colonies are situated, through an assortment of planets and places at different stages of settlement, all the way up to fully fledged Kingdoms and Imperial Cores – Rulers and palaces, wars and slavery, the wealthy, the poor and the ordinary living their lives.

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Life, People, Relationships – all in Sci-fi – Shocker!


I always write what I want to read, and I always write what I want to write – and why should sci-fi be “pure” while all other genres are allowed to have LIFE?

Fortunately, science fiction nowadays DOES have life, yet the concept remains, particularly when it comes to sex.

I have been told numerous times that sci-fi doesn’t usually have sex in it, for instance, and that it is a different genre and writers shouldn’t mix genres. I usually reply that when the cowboy in a Western gets the girl in the end, no one says that’s a mixed genre of Western and Love story. Usually they get my point at once.

As a kid, I really didn’t like most of the science fiction available, including (actually, especially) the big name authors. Mostly it was too dour. It could be that I was reading above my age level, but what I really wanted was adventure and spaceships and alien planet colonization.

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I Never Expected Freakin’ Royalty.


The original idea I had, all those years ago, centered on a pioneering world with Good Guys and some Thugs – simple – It was one book, one story, Ms Sweet Young Thing trying to escape the evil intentions of Mr Villain, lots of good fun and sexual tension – Then I grew up out of adolescence and wondered if I could… you know… put a plot in it.

I gave Mr Villain a brain. That might have been a mistake, but it also gave him wider appeal because there’s only so much you can do with sexual lust. I also took his sexual lust OFF Ms Sweet Young Thing and planted it… well, just about everywhere else.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Mr Villain had to have a reason for keeping and controlling Miss Sweet Young Thing. She needed a reason to want to get away, right? And no Good Guy/Bad Guy clash happens over a pay dispute – it had to be something against the will, so slavery it became.

I also needed to give Mr Villain brute force power and a reason for wanting a talented seer in his life.

That’s right, Ms Sweet Young Thing is an untrained, undisciplined psychic – And don’t start with the “But she didn’t see it coming” bit, just about everyone she meets says that. And don’t tell me it doesn’t belong in science fiction, either! What about Star Wars? What about “Use the Force, Luke”? Then there’s Star Trek and Mr Spock and his mind-meld. If Star Wars and Star Trek count as science fiction, mine most certainly does. Yes – complete with spaceships and Relay stations (teleport), and fancy weaponry and aliens and newly colonized worlds. It’s sci-fi, got it?

My take on the psychic side of things is that spirituality, psychic experiences and the practice of magic in many forms has been part of human history right from the start. It is still with us today and will be with us tomorrow. It flows in and out of popular appeal, so there’s no reason to assume it will stop dead in its tracks anytime soon.

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