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At least I remember to put them on!


In the past, I’ve gone out with my top on backwards and never noticed it until I got home, and I almost went out once wearing my slippers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not addlepated – or maybe I am – I’m not sure. No, it’s just that I have my mind elsewhere, I live in other worlds, other dimensions. All illusionary, certainly, I admit it’s all made up. But that’s the lure.

I can pick and choose everything – any adventure, any background, any set of heroes and enjoy with them all their challenges and successes. I can ride the waves of excitement, travel the galaxy, explore the unknown, then come back and write about what I’ve discovered and the feelings I’ve experienced.

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Yes, I’m creating where it counts.


Just letting you all know that I have NOT run out of steam, I have NOT run out of inspiration nor imagination nor creativity – the (albeit lengthy) delays in getting book 3 of the Khekarian series completed and published has nothing to do with lack of willpower or energy but everything to do with the circumstances that cropped up during this last year, including moving house interstate.

With the manuscript itself, there were some early issues, all successfully dealt with now. I am currently writing my fingers to the bone and I’m heading towards the final run.

So, please forgive me for not blogging and chatting which I said and believe I would do, but I really want to see this book completed and to be free to start on the next one.

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What if we Explored Space – and Found it Already Taken?


What if we Explored Space – and Found it Already Taken?

What if we established ourselves out there and discovered that we are the smallest and weakest civilization there is?

What if we colonized alongside two giant empires hell bent on destroying each other?

What if we had something on one of our worlds that would tip the balance in favor of one side or the other and enable one empire to dominate the galaxy.

All of it.

Including us.

What if both sides knew?

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ALIEN WATCHING! From The Khekarian Threat, now out on Amazon.


The experience should be finished now. Aleisha’s frown deepened when she realized the connection wasn’t fading, that something else was keeping her there. A strength tugged at her awareness, close to the victim.

Someone was looking at her. Not the killer, someone else. Something else. She could see him clearly now. He wasn’t Terran. He wasn’t Khekarian or Chiddran.

Terrans and Khekarians had just about everything in common and were believed to come from a single source. The Chiddran, also humanoid, were dissimilar and quite distinctive. All were mammal.

This species was something quite different.

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The Zing of Realism.


The most alive characters in fiction, the most realistic, are true to themselves – They are not there to do your bidding as their writer and creator – They are not there to follow your orders or to show the world your feeling or thoughts or ideas – They are not there to obey you – They are there purely as themselves, reacting as they would react, thinking and living and breathing inside their world – not yours.

This is something I have learned. It might not be true for every writer (you all know your own style and what works for you), but it sure is true for me.

Some writers find character development tricky – how do they flesh them out? Personally, I don’t try to flesh them out, I let them flesh themselves out because then it’s the reflections of circumstances that’s doing it, not choice.

It’s too easy to try and control your characters. You created them to say something but you cannot force them to say it. They are not dolls or puppets, no matter how much you want them to be. Yes, you can treat them as such, force them to comply and have it all your way, but I guarantee that all your readers will see is awkwardness.

If you want something said or done, you must create the circumstances that will allow a character to develop into the sort of person who would want to say or do it.

It’s truth that brings a story alive and consistency that keeps it there.

That means giving them incentive that is true. That means setting them into the circumstances that will promote development of action or plot in a natural way and along understandable channels.

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The Accidental Multi-planetary Playground – And BAM!


I didn’t plan on writing a science fiction series when it all began – I had one story, one planet and a bunch of ordinary non-hero types enjoying a minor adventure within a pioneering society.

They met villains on the planet that had few laws. There was lust and murder and violence, spaceships and aliens and all the fun stuff that makes science fiction.

Then I stuck in two warring factions, two civilizations contained in vast empires, each controlling a substantial amount of the galaxy. I did that just to give background and depth.

I didn’t expect to get involved with all of that. However, it seemed like a great idea to link my villain into that background. It gave him much more power and menace and reason for doing the things he did. And BAM! Suddenly I had a multitude of planets to play with.

It opened the door to much more than just a series. It allowed me to explore every layer of civilization there has ever been. There’s borderline habitation (inhospitable areas of the galaxy) where penal colonies are situated, through an assortment of planets and places at different stages of settlement, all the way up to fully fledged Kingdoms and Imperial Cores – Rulers and palaces, wars and slavery, the wealthy, the poor and the ordinary living their lives.

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Backdrops and Black Holes. Am I Doomed? Nah!


One of the wonderful things about writing a series is that, once set, the same backdrop applies to the stories that follow – the Universe remains the same, the places, familiar characters, politics and wars are all there – that saves a lot of time and a lot of thought and is a real bonus because only the plots have to come from scratch.

That said, I have discovered the other side of the coin which, strangely, is added complexity. A series (if you’re lucky) grows, branching outwards in all directions. The backdrop might remain the same, but it won’t be long before you’re taking one set of characters and bringing them together with another set of characters, or playing one location against another.

I’m extra lucky, I have a whole galaxy at my disposal (lots of planets) and two warring empires, each much bigger in scope to the Terran new kids daring into space colonization. There are characters in there I have grown very fond of and don’t want to lose, so their stories will loop back into new ones as they unfold, bringing complexities I had not considered, each section and story intermeshed and spiraling around the others – much like the galaxy they are in.

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