Sevi and the Ape-Twins – What more can I say?

Sometimes you have to meet a character directly. Sometimes action speaks louder than words. This isn’t really an action scene, but brings to light the juvenile attitude of Sevi’s stalkers and some aspects of her invulnerability. Quite simply, Sevi is never intimidated.


So let’s get on with it.

WARNING: Clicking on the next link (below) will open up an area of the story that contains adult themes, nudity, sexual references and coarse language. If you don’t want to be there, don’t go.

[To meet Sevi, click HERE]

7 thoughts on “Sevi and the Ape-Twins – What more can I say?

  1. Yuna

    mmm,,,what words will i use to describe Sevi??? i wonder.
    hehehhe,,She’s brave like Mij, a little bit offensive on her own way, kekekkeke
    She knows all her power including that seducing power. that’s poisonous ;p.
    about the Apes, besides being amateurs, they are really coward and act like a little bit looser. i think. 🙂

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Yuna! 🙂 That section I posted is actually kind of an unfair introduction to Sevi, but it was a bit of fun and I decided to run with it. In the book you meet her before you get to this scene, so you know something more about her when you get to this bit.

      Sevi is an elite Khekarian soldier. She’s deadly. Anyone who knows her – if they are smart – are very careful not to offend. She is Sturn’s bodyguard (lead Bad Guy) and her automatic reaction to any problem is simply to remove it. Believe me, that caused me a heap of trouble when writing this book! Every time I wanted to show her “strutting her stuff” I couldn’t do it because her idea of dealing with a serious problem was to kill everybody. LOL. Eventually, she had to show what she could do away from the team (or she’d kill them before the Good Guys got a chance to clash with them).

      That’s why this situation had to be very minor. So, the Ape-Twins live. 😀

      She does go back and retaliate against the two – in a minor way (she’s in a good mood) – I was tempted to put that in, too, except that it really is better if it is properly spaced out and read as a book.

      Thank you for telling what you think. It’s good!

      Cheers! 😀

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Yuna. You got it right! Your judgement of Sevi was absolutely correct. 😀 She knows her own power and is fearless. You bet. The only thing lacking from that piece (because I didn’t explain it there) was why she was so confident. I like what you said about her. Again it tells me that what I wanted to come across does come through.

          By the way, “Sevi” comes at the beginning of chapter five, so if you are working through the first four chapters, you’ll see all I’ve written about her up to this point. [A note for other readers of this comment: Chapters 1 to 4 are reproduced in full on this blog. They make up the first 65 pages of the book, which is a good size to allow you to know if “The Khekarian Threat” is for you or not before you buy. These are, of course, free. Links to chapters 1 to 4 are listed underneath the picture of the book in the right margin.]

          Thank you, Yuna! Cheers! 😀

        2. Yuna

          Ow, thank you. it’s so nice to know that the author like what i thought about it. 🙂

          Okay, and i’ll se Sevi too. 🙂

          Thank you for kindly explain it 🙂

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