Last Day, Get It While You Can. It’s FREE.

Let’s get it right, Book One is not part of a story, it’s a whole story. The Khekarian series is made up of whole books, whole stories that just happen to link together. The first might have a hook in its tail to interest you in the follow on, but the story itself most definitely reaches a conclusion – it’s not a SERIAL, it’s a SERIES. The difference is important.

If you have avoided books because they are a part of a series, wouldn’t now be a good time to try one out? The Khekarian Threat is free on Kindle. The free offer expires in the last minute of Friday 17 May, 2013 (USA Standard Pacific Time). With book two of the Khekarian series coming out in only a couple of months, now is a great time to grab the first in the series. Please don’t miss out. It’s a great read.


The Khekarian Threat:

It’s science fiction.
It’s action.
It’s adventure.
It’s erotica.
It’s occult.
It’s aliens and spaceships and distant colonization.
It’s a lot of fun and plenty of excitement, too.
It’s big and meaty. It’s well written and well researched. You will be there in the story.
It’s free until midnight (USA).

What more can I say?

Click HERE if you want it (then choose Kindle edition).

Click HERE if you would like a free Kindle reader for your PC.

Oh yes, and happy reading, everyone.


Allyson 🙂

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