How does twice a week grab you?

Just letting everyone know, from tomorrow, I will be posting twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays in Australia, which means Mondays and Thursdays to those on or around USA time.

Yes, I know the drill, I’ll keep it varied and interesting while covering science fiction, writing, sample pages and maybe more chapters, sex and erotica (people like those), Good Guys, Bad Guys and The Khekarian Series in general.

See you tomorrow! 😀


Ooops! Just opening this up for any comments. Feel free. Cheers! 😀

9 thoughts on “How does twice a week grab you?

  1. YunitaGena

    Okay, I’m looking forward to those twice a week posts. i was thought about that too, i would post each Monday and Thursday, but it’s so hard because of my routine and I’m easily distracted too. hehehehehhe.
    Btw, as for my country, it will be at the same day.

    Semangat!!! (this is how Indonesian cheers you up)

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Yuna! 😀 Hey, that’s great, thank you. I hope I keep it interesting for you. 😀

      Thank you, too, for teaching me something new. Semangat to you, too, my friend. 😀 😀 😀

    2. A.D. Everard Post author

      A question for you, Yuna (I want to get it right). 😀

      Do you say “Semangat” to someone when they are sad? As in “Cheer up.” Or do you say “Semangat” the way Australians say “Cheers” – which is in happiness when toasting each other with, say, a drink of beer?

      It can be confusing. The British say “Bottoms up” which can be frightening until you realize they mean the bottom of the glass (meaning to drink up). LOL.

      “Cheers” in Australian is like “To your health” when sharing a drink. Is that how you use the word, Semangat?

      1. YunitaGena

        aaaaa, i just realized about that too, wow, thank you for asking. that’s open my mind too :).

        ‘Semangat!!’ is used to cheer up someone when they sad, or down, or just to give some courage :), in order to get them fire up :).
        But not in Australian way for toasting each other with drink.

        In Indonesia’s dictionary it’s a noun, it means enthusiasm, spirit.

  2. beth

    Hi Allyson!
    Glad to see you posting whenever you can.
    I will look forward to reading your musings.

    Hi also Yuna, I am in America,, but I have a sister inlaw from Indonesia.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Beth!

      I didn’t know you have a sister-in-law from Indonesia. 😀

      As for my musings, hopefully I’ll keep you and all else entertained. I shall certainly do my best. 😀


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