The competition will run over the weekend. Winners will be announced on Monday (USA), which is Tuesday here in Australia. Each winner will be contacted by email for details and for an address to send your prize to. Personal details such as street addresses WILL NOT be disclosed to any third party and WILL NOT be kept in a data file.

Each book will be autographed to each winner personally, then packaged and sent off during the week following the announcement. Please be aware your prize, if you win, is coming from Australia, so allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery if you are overseas.

Competition conditions of entry are simple: I will announce the names of the winners (initials, user-name or blog profile name is perfectly fine if you prefer) and location (city and country only) in the winning announcement. I may also want the same information for potential future competition promos.


Answer the question I pose from my science fiction novel “The Khekarian Threat” and email me at with your answer. It’s as easy as that!




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