Another Short One.

Another shorty (things are like that at the moment, my apologies to any who want something more substantial – later, later) – Yesterday I took pause in hammering all the new stuff into the manuscript and sat back and read what I have so far for book 3.

With a great sigh of relief, I realize that it’s working. The pace is right, the action is right, the characterization works, and everyone has room to breathe and to adjust to their new circumstances. Last time I looked a month or so ago, a lot of that was wrong or missing.


I’m still reading it through, but I like it so far. With all the shuffling that’s gone on and rewrites, reading it through enables me to see exactly where everything is and will speed further writing. Instead of looking at a gap and wondering what should go in there, with a read through freshly done, I’ll know exactly what should be in that space.

I’m off to read the rest of it and get on with that 400 pages.




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