A Dry Chapatti and the End in Sight.

After a panicked couple of weeks and the threat of only a dry chapatti under the locked door of my office for sustenance (“But, darling! A dry chapatti does not a chapter make!”), I’m back in the “Yep, will make the time schedule easily” bracket.

Don’t get me wrong, threats don’t work. I got topping on that chapatti. I had to fight for it, but I won. We writers cannot afford to allow working threats to cloud the judgment of those nearest and dearest, right? Of course right!

Okay, so this is an update. We’re talking about The King’s Sacrifice, the new title of book two of the Khekarian Series due out next month (July). There were a lot of little gaps needing sewing shut and a fair jumble ahead at that point. A lot of stuff has to meet up and tie up neatly at the end, so working through that – especially when there was so much of it to balance with everything else – well, you get the drift.


My eight hours a day were ramped up to ten to twelve, and I threw in a few midnight stints while I was at it. I have taken a couple of days off just now, catching my breath because of brain-spin (and not enough chapattis), and I’m back into it again today – currently fluffing about with the final two chapters.

As near as I can tell, while looking at it with the same perspective as through a magnifying glass, all is well. Next week I can pull back and get a better overview. No matter which way I look at it, though, progress has seen a huge leap in these last couple of weeks and the end is in sight. I’m also very happy with the quality of my efforts. It seems I can write quite well under pressure.

Who knew?

Cheers all. 🙂


61 thoughts on “A Dry Chapatti and the End in Sight.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Semangat Sore, Yuna! 🙂

      Oi, you snuck one in. 😀

      Okay – Semangat means “Good”… so… Selalu means… “That is” maybe??? Did you tell me “That’s good”?

      🙂 🙂 🙂

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Argh – I got Selamat muddled up with Semangat. Oops! Sorry! 😀

          I should have said “Selamat Sore”.

          How do I say “Thank you”?

          🙂 🙂 🙂

        2. Yuna

          yes, that’s right.

          selamat sore.

          Terima kasih –> Thank you

          And as replay when someone say “Terima kasih” we should answer “sama – sama” which means you are welcome.

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Oh, excellent! Thank you so much. I mean Terima kasih. 🙂

          And sama-sama. I like it. I will write them down and see if I can remember them.

          So, if I said I am “Selalu selamat”, am I saying I am “always good”? (I am going for today – as you probably are, too – so I will catch up tomorrow).

          Cheers, Yuna – and Terima kasih!

        4. Yuna

          Selamat Pagi Allyson,

          You even write it don? great 😀
          nice to hear that you love to learn it
          No, you should say “saya baik”–> i’m good. baik–> good 😉
          saya means “I”

          sama-sama, Cheers 😀

        5. A.D. Everard Post author

          Heeheehee – I figured after I wrote that, I was probably saying something like I’m “always greetings” or something strange.

          Yes, I’ve written these words down, then try to see if I can remember them without looking at my list. So, more words for me – 😀 – When I use them here, I must also write what it means for other readers. 🙂 That way, you will know straight away if and when I get them wrong. I will also try not to get ahead of myself and put them together wrong. LOL.

          Terima kasih [thank you].

          🙂 🙂 🙂

        6. Yuna

          Selamat pagi Allyson,

          i write too, every new English word that i found 🙂 and try to use it. 😀
          it make it easier too remember

          Have a nice day 😀 😀

        7. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat pagi, Yuna. 🙂

          Yes, writing it down makes it easier. I still have to look up what I think I am saying sometimes, but it’s like a test and when I get it right, I feel good. Oops, I mean I feel baik [good] Saying Saya baik [I’m good] here isn’t the same thing, right?

          Heeheehee, it’s fun, though.

          Terima kasih, Yuna [Thank you, Yuna]


        8. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat Pagi [Good morning], Yuna (the days are flying by).

          A hint? Argh, now I have to think! I said Selamat Siang yesterday in the right time frame (I checked). Selamat Sore comes after Selamat Siang – so that part’s okay.

          That leaves “No worries.”

          Ah! Selalu baik! [Always good]. Yeah? 🙂 🙂 🙂

        9. A.D. Everard Post author

          LOL. You have to thank me for something, so I can “sama-sama” you back. I LOVE that expression (I don’t know why – it’s friendly). 🙂

          I’m also waiting to wish you Selamat Malam, but I’m never at the computer late enough. On top of that, I am trying to think of more words to ask you.

          Terima kesih, Yuna, for teaching me. 🙂

        10. Yuna

          LOL. i usually use word “terima kasih” in cute tone, so it gives more than friendly vibe. kekekekek.

          Just hang on computer more than 7 pm, so you could say “selamat malam” 😀

          Hi Allyson,
          Thank you for being my friend and sharing nice things 😀

        11. A.D. Everard Post author

          Yuna, what a lovely thing to say. Thank YOU, my friend [terima kasih]. And sama-sama! [you’re welcome] Yah, I got to say it! 😀

          I am usually off the computer by 7 pm, Greg is usually home by then and we get on with our evening, so I lose out there. Never mind, a time will come.

          Okay, I have thought of some more words to learn that are important.

          How do you say “Yes”?
          How do you say “No”?
          And how do you say “I don’t know”?

          That might come in handy. Would you teach me those? 🙂 🙂 🙂

        12. Yuna

          Terima kasih kembali (another form of sama – sama)

          Yes –> iya
          No –> tidak
          i don’t know –> saya tidak tahu

          i will find the others daily words for you.


        13. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat pagi, Yuna. Terima kasih.

          [Good morning, Yuna. Thank you.]

          I did not know when I started this, I would get more into it. 😀 I’m sure my pronunciation is all over the place, but I am enjoying myself.

          Iya please (how do you say “please” so I can say “Yes please”?) for more words. I would like to learn more. This is baik! [good].


        14. Yuna

          Selamat pagi Allyson,

          “Please”–>”silahkan”, this is used when we politely ask people do something. like “have a seat, please”–> “silahkan duduk.

          *this is become a learning spot, kekekekekeke

        15. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat pagi, Yuna,

          Terima Kasih. Iya, silahkan, saya would like to learn more


          [Good morning, Yuna,

          Thank you. Yes, please, I] would like to learn more.


          So Duduk means “seat” or “sit” (be seated)?

          And Tahu means “don’t”?

          Yes (I mean Iya), I thought yesterday I should start a classroom thread, but it’s working great right here, so why not leave it where it is? 🙂 As long as you are having some fun, too. If you get tired of doing this, just pop in when you feel like it.

          Semangat! [Cheers!] – actually, that’s more “Be of cheer”, isn’t it? I know I’m not really using it correctly here, but it’s an old favourite.


        16. Yuna

          Selamat Pagi Allyson,

          Hi, lama tak berjumpa (Long time no see)
          i just back from another field break. since that’s the only time i meet my family and friends, i couldn’t touch my pc. hehehehehe.

          okay, let’s continue our lesson (LOL)
          duduk means sit (be seated), chair–> kursi

          tahu (spells tau) –> understand

          i enjoy this “class room” 😀

          Yess, mostly in our conversation we used ‘Semangat’ as ‘be of cheer’ 😉

          😉 😉

        17. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat Sore, Yuna. 🙂

          I’ve been pretty well absent, too (only posting once a week).

          I’m glad you enjoy this classroom. 😀 I will be a little bit slow over the next couple of weeks, until my second book goes out, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up. 🙂

          Thank you for clearing up “tahu” for me. Yes, that makes sense, so “Saya tidak tahu” literally translates as “I no understand”.

          Terima kasih for the new words. 😀 I can see soon I will have to think hard. LOL.

          Cheers, my friend. 🙂

        18. Yuna

          Selamat Sore Allyson,

          it’s so nice to hear that you really “semangat” for the class 🙂 and for the second book launching :).

          Hope you do both well.

          yes, that’s right.

          Cheers 🙂

        19. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat Pagi, Yuna, 🙂

          Forgive me please for not being in and answering sooner. Busy days!

          You sound as though you have been busy, too. Cheers! 🙂

        20. A.D. Everard Post author

          Terima kasih, Yuna. [Thank you.] 🙂

          It’s looking very… [Argh, I have to look it up…] baik [good]. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          Actually, I am very excited about this one. I think it is better than the first book, although that might just be because it is fresher to me than the first one, which I worked a long time on. Greg should finish reading it this weekend, and I’m reading it through for the final time, trying to see it as a reader does rather than searching for areas to fix up or spelling and formatting (which I have already done in “stage one”).

          I have already made a start on book three. 🙂

          Semangat to you, my friend [Cheers!]


        21. Yuna

          Selamat Sore,

          No worries about that Allyson,

          Hi, i already finished your amazing 600 pages book. honestly, i wasn’t catch all the words meaning, but i could understand the whole story. that’s my first book. it’s interesting until i found “to be continued” at page 600. so i do hope, i could see the next story :D.

          So, i’ll be one of the readers who waits for second book. 😀

          Semangat 😀

        22. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat Pagi, Yuna! [Good morning]

          I’m so glad you liked it. 😀 We shall have to work something out! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          Cheers to you! Semangat.

        23. Yuna

          :D. that added my horizon of reading. i only read Agatha Christie, John Grisham, Romantic Comedies, and Children book so far. i’d never read Sci fi before. i found Khekarian Threat interesting gradually. it became more interesting when i was about to reach the end 🙂

          Semangat for the second book launching and the third book progress 😀

        24. A.D. Everard Post author

          Terima kasih, Yuna [Thank you], 🙂

          I have found that a lot of people who don’t normally read science fiction enjoy my work. I think it is probably because I make it personal. I hope you didn’t have to wait long for it to get interesting, it’s a big book!


        25. Yuna

          Sama-sama Allyson (you’re welcome)

          that’s great. everything which is made personally always has its own impression. 🙂

        26. Yuna

          Selamat Sore Allyson
          That’s to much compliment :D. Terima kasih banyak (thank you abundantly).

          By the way, how’s second book launching preparation?

        27. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Yuna!

          Selamat Pagi to you [Good morning]. 🙂

          Ah… Terima kasih for “banyak” [Thank you for “abundantly”] – I like it. Banyak is a baik [good] word to know. 😀

          I have had a bunch of holdups on this book, but at last it is launched and I have posted that this morning. 😀 Now I can recover my wits. LOL.

        28. Yuna

          Selamat Sore,
          terima kasih kembali (kembali= back, but this sentence has the same meaning with you are welcome/no worries)

          i already read the post. once again, congratulation, nice to hear it ;).

        29. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Yuna,

          I like how you sneak new words in. My file of words and meanings is getting bigger, and I’m remembering some of it, too.


        30. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat Siang, Yuna 😀

          Bersemangat… Does the “semangat” as part of that mean “cheer”? You are making me think. LOL. Is Bersemangat another way of saying sama-sama [you’re welcome]?

          Selamat Pagi yang Cerah = [roughly] Good morning on a beautiful day??? What does “yang” mean? Is yang “day”? You can tell I’m guessing. 🙂

        31. Yuna

          Selamat Siang Allyson,

          bersemangat-> i want to say i have this spirit in me :).
          ber- is kind of suffix. it has many meanings. but in here it means ‘contain something’.

          i use ‘yang’ like i use ‘which or that’ in a sentence. argh, i don’t know how to explain it well (i should look at my grammar book for explain it, kekekeke)

          Yess, you can use like that sentence as well (Good morning on a beautiful day).

          😀 😀
          *enjoy learning*

        32. A.D. Everard Post author

          Selamat Siang, Yuna,

          Heehee – Iya, saya… [Yes, I…] enjoy learning. Silahkan, Saya tidak tahu [Please, I do not know] how to say “enjoy learning”. 🙂

          Terima kasih [Thank you], you are very patient with me. How do I say “you?”

          How do I say “How do I say”? LOL. 😀

        33. Yuna

          enjoy learning – Menikmati pelajaran
          you; kamu (for same age or younger), Anda (formal).
          How do i say? Bagaimana saya mengatakannya?
          what- Apa/apakah
          Who- Siapa
          Where- Di mana?

          yess, because it means i learn English too. i have to know the right lesson both in English and Bahasa. ;D

        34. A.D. Everard Post author

          Ooh, wow! Terima kasih!

          This is so baik! So I am learning Bahasa. 😀

          I have copied these words and meaning to my file. I have plenty to look at now and try and remember! Wonderful!


        35. A.D. Everard Post author

          The only way, I think. I like to see how much I can remember. Only some, so far, but it’s building.

          Terima kasih for making it possible. 🙂

        36. A.D. Everard Post author

          😀 Saya menikmati pelajaran. Kamu baik! [I enjoy learning. You (are) good!]

          “Kamu baik” is probably not the exact expression – I’m missing “are”, but kamu tahu [you know/understand] what I mean. 😛

        37. Yuna

          Terimakasih karena menikmatinya 🙂 (karena=because)

          no, you used it well since in Bahasa, i doesn’t have “to be”
          the sentence (positive) just has this simple structure
          Subject + verb + object

          and when we want to say someone is (adjective)
          just simply use:
          Subject + adjective (it doesn’t need “to be” in between)


  1. Uzoma

    Oh that’s good news! When will I get to be like you–talking about putting final touches to a book before it’s ready for all to read. Congrats, Allyson. I’m inspired.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you, Uzoma. 🙂

      Mate, it will seem to happen all of a sudden. There’s an old saying, “It takes forty years to become an overnight success.” For writers, that is very true. I spent many, many years wishing and dreaming and crying, too, wondering and fretting if I was “wasting my life” as so many seemed to believe I was doing. But I couldn’t leave writing alone.

      Then, when I finally had something together I believed in – a finished book – I spent years and years hitting my head against the publishing wall, trying to find an agent or publisher willing to give me a try. They wouldn’t. I didn’t fit their formula. I refused to follow the crowd and they worried I was too far outside their rules.

      Finally, Uzoma, I recognized the problems and faults of the publishing world – that they want their writers to be much the same and the work to be as risk-free as possible – in other words, no one must stand out because standing out might fail. Once I understood that, I took the leap necessary. That means I did it myself and became my own publisher. That used to be taboo, now it’s the only way for writers who refuse to write to form and insist on writing their own way, following their heart and not some formula.

      I’m not that “overnight success” yet, I’m still in the “making it happen” stage, but I’m loving it.

      It will come to you, too, because I feel that writing is in your blood. Everything that fires your enthusiasm, you craft into words, and some of your work is immensely powerful. So, it will come. Just don’t ever give up and don’t let anyone tell you that you “should” do something else.

      Cheers to you, Uzoma, I look forward to watching your success as it unfolds.

  2. beth

    Ok I had to google a chipatti, looks like a tortilla to me.
    Glad you got to have something on it, kind of dry otherwise.
    Happy that you are in the home stretch now. Can’t wait to see your new baby.
    Best of luck.


    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Beth! 🙂

      Thank you. Pizza is best – basically anything that is thin enough to slide under the door.

      Hey, have you had a chance to see the new covers yet? Take a look, they are GORGEOUS. I changed the name of book two, also. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

      Cheers, mate! 🙂


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