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Great Weekend! Writing Update.


It’s Monday here in Australia and I have just enjoyed a most refreshing weekend – sounds like I took even more time off, doesn’t it, only that’s not it – Having already taken a couple of half days off, I settled in to “poke around” a bit in my manuscript (maybe even read it – haha) on Sunday, and I just kept going. 🙂

I filled major gaps and minor gaps, sorted little issues out and transferred more from my working files over.

With a string of gaps in front of me in various threads, with two gaps to a page every three or four pages, the climb of my first marker point (where the “done” bit ends and the “yet to be completed” bit starts) rose 23 pages just on Sunday alone. That translates as A LOT DONE.

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Price Rise Reminder


This post is just to remind people that my prices will soon be going up – not a huge amount, I just want to experience life outside the bargain basement and reach a wider audience, but I also want to give people plenty of advance notice.

Specials will still take place, particularly the regular free Kindle version download of the first in the series, The Khekarian Threat.

I am also revamping the description printed on the back of each book, so will likely link the two events together. At this point in time, I’m expecting the change in price to take place sometime in April.

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Letting Go!


That’s sometimes the answer. I know that – you, too, I’m sure – but, hey, maybe it’s worth exploring, because it’s not so much the time off that does it, it’s mentally letting go, the cessation of thought in the direction of whatever the problem is you are facing that’s the important bit.

Why is it otherwise that writers enjoy a flow of creativity the moment they reach a spot a long way from their desks? A car ride will do it for me. Likewise, a decision to take the day off and turn my thoughts to something else completely. The number of times I’ve found myself in a strange town searching frantically for a shop that sells paper and pens because again I forgot to bring some along, is testimony to how well stepping away works for me.

Yes, yes, it’s true that sometimes you have to just sit there and get writing, ready of not, and that’s a great practice, too, but that is a different thing. This is the bit where you’re getting over hurdles and problems exacerbated because you’re thinking too much and just plain bogged down.

I’ve been diving into detail, particularly logistical detail, the exact means that something is carried out all the way through the channels of officialdom (yes, I know, “mind-numbing” spring to mind. I’ve actually got a post written about officialdom, but I can’t being myself to post it… okay, maybe next week, it’ll be short, I promise).

Of course, you don’t always have to go there into that sort of depth. Sometimes the detail is the story and sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass.

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The clock is ticking, what happened to my day off?


Yesterday, I thought I would take time out from writing and blogging, giving my mind and fingers a rest – I decided to look at the skyline and explore thoughts and ideas, and try and finally solve an issue in Book 3 that has been hanging over my head for months, the unsolved nature of which was beginning to threaten the publication of the book itself – Put bluntly, I had to solve it or start prepping You Guys for a delay.

Not an easy decision and not a good way to think. Ever. “Solve it NOW” is pressure and so is preparing you for that delay.

Adding its own weight to the issue, I knew that if I had another six months, I wouldn’t be thinking under pressure, so I would likely not have the problem at all. I’d be in writing mode, not pressure mode. Crazy – the problem was caused by pressure and the pressure was the problem. The solution, then, seemed to be release that pressure. Which was just what I had been looking at – hence the pressure!

I’m down to just over four months. I shouldn’t HAVE major gaps in my work at this time. Other issues and tangles had been solved, but this one seemed immovable.

I had pretty well decided to prepare you all for disappointment and delay publishing because, frankly, if it’s not the very best story I can produce and every bit equal to Books 1 and 2, it’s not going out.

So I took the day off, enabling me to get away from my desk and to think in a fresh way about things. That lead me to think about the manuscript issue in a fresh way, too. What if I was looking at the problem all wrong?

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Taking a Quiet Day


Internet-wise, that is. As many of you know, I blog and post on a daily basis, I also catch up with people I’ve met along the way and check out their blogs and posts – Outside Blogsville, I write pages of manuscript, research various facts and figures, and work on other background things that are book related but not the manuscript itself.

I do this every day, seven days a week, every week.

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Money OUT of the bank to put money INTO the bank… Hmmm…


Okay, so I drag my feet when it comes to officialdom – Eighteen months ago, I published The Khekarian Threat with CreateSpace (Amazon) and Kindle, then I learned that I needed to provide proof that I was not a USA citizen, or they would automatically withhold 30% of all moneys for US tax. That meant I would be paying full tax in America and full tax here in Australia, too.

Listen, guys, you don’t get good money from writing. You make maybe $2 a sale. We all want millions of sales, but there are millions of writers and millions of books for readers to choose from, that means the sales count for new writers crawl up S-L-O-W-L-Y. We can’t afford to pay double taxes out of it.

No probs – I sent off a copy of my Australian driver’s license and birth certificate, as asked for, unfortunately my birth certificate was not in my current name, which – shock-horror! – got changed when I married. Back it came, rejected. They’re keeping the money. The dastards!

Okay, okay – the only way I could prove it was to get a passport. I’ve had a passport. I’ve had two passports, but they are way too old and not in my married name anyway.

That meant start again, from scratch. That meant getting a copy of my birth certificate and official copies of every change of name from there to here. That covered two countries and disappeared some money.

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