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Weekend – Had fun.


It’s Monday here in Australia and I’m not sure I’m “with it” enough to give you much for this morning’s post – I’ll settle for telling you of my weekend – Did I get lots of work done on the writing front?

Actually no. I was kidnapped from my desk – just because – and taken on not one but two impromptu outings, going to Canberra for the entire day on Saturday and then to Goulburn on Sunday.

We started out innocently enough, just popping out to check the mail, then went to the nearest (bigger) town to cash in a small lotto win from the week before ($23 – Yah!) and ended up going all the way into Canberra just because there was a book fair on.

Did I load up on fiction? No, I did not. When in the middle of a major project, particularly when I’m running out of time, I cannot get deeply into someone else’s work – it captures my thinking when I cannot afford to lose it. I go for shorter and faster entertainment, such as movies (I picked up a batch of lighthearted stuff, but haven’t seen any of them yet).

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Another Short One.


Another shorty (things are like that at the moment, my apologies to any who want something more substantial – later, later) – Yesterday I took pause in hammering all the new stuff into the manuscript and sat back and read what I have so far for book 3.

With a great sigh of relief, I realize that it’s working. The pace is right, the action is right, the characterization works, and everyone has room to breathe and to adjust to their new circumstances. Last time I looked a month or so ago, a lot of that was wrong or missing.

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Back cover text feedback – Thank You.


Writing the teaser page for a book is (for me) the hardest thing to do and get right, I’m sure it doesn’t help any when the book is 600 pages long with multiple threads and stories and an assortment of main characters to choose from – so this is one area I’ve called on for help, and who better to ask than the writing community I am in – You Guys (I know I haven’t given you a lot of time, but, as usual, I’m in a flaming hurry – my apologies to those who missed out, however the page is still there and your views will still be eagerly read).

A big Thank You, then, to Writingsprint for coming forward and being willing to evaluate my words and give fair and honest assessment. Writingsprint, I have decided to follow your advice on the first cover text and remove the final paragraph (although it doesn’t give away the ending, it does point to events that might be better unexpected).

Greg and I discussed it all in depth last night, looking at why the second two back covers work when the first does not, and taking Writingsprint’s assessment into account.

There are no spoilers over the page and no book quotes.

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I have nothing to post today.


I’m waiting for a few things to kick in, arrive or otherwise come through which I plan to chat about, but which have not yet materialized – Meanwhile, I’m also after feedback on yesterday’s post, if anyone cares to give their views on the back cover text, known as the “teaser page” of a book.

I am revamping the text on the backs of books 1 and 2, and presenting for the first time the text on the back of book 3. Due to the limitations of WordPress, the font, font size and line spacing is not accurate, but the words are.

(See the post below this one which links through to the back text for all three books, if you care to read them and comment.)

Today, I shall be largely offline to get on with writing book 3.

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Cover Back Teasers – I’m after your opinion, People, books 1, 2 and 3 (NEW, not seen before).


I spent a fair amount of time yesterday fiddling about trying to get Word text as a picture in Paintshop Pro so I could show you what the layout will look like for the new back covers (including font size, line spacing and formatting) – I managed it, saving the files as PDFs, but the end result was hard to read, the quality wasn’t good up close and resizing it didn’t help – so I didn’t go that way.

Yes, I know there’s a way (there’s bound to be), but I don’t have the time to waste on it so, I’m just going to have to run with showing you the text without the formatting – I do have the individual lines at the right cutoff point and bolding in place, although I realize that the lines will break at different points depending on what gadget you’re viewing on, so please take that into account.

The three are in order, one after the other on the next page. Please don’t click “continue reading” if you don’t want to read back covers. Those of you who do – I would love and appreciate your opinion on these before I send them off to be done.

Sorry about the wide spacing, and the asterisks are in to mark gaps in the layout – WordPress was closing them automatically on me (but not where I wanted them closed. Grrr).

Many thanks in advance.

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Struggling with my Blog Post Today.


Today my blog post is not coming together. I have one written on upcoming (text-only) changes to my book covers, but I haven’t worked out how to get text into picture format to show you. As I am after your opinion and formatting matters, I really do want to show you.

I have another blog post written on the review pages I will soon add to this blog, but that’s not ready yet, either, so again I have nothing to show you.

I have still another on researching and writing officialdom for a realistic and meaty background, only that’s not polished and possibly waffles (not that I’ve let that stop me before).

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