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Christmas Eve and a Quiet Day for me, I think.


Today here in Australia, it’s Christmas Eve – I slept in this morning having stayed up until midnight last night playing computer games with Greg (its wonderful not having to watch the clock), and today is going to be more of a slow-moving, get-ready-for-tomorrow sort of day – Being relatively quiet people, we’ve planned a day at home, but everything is pretty well ready, all stocks are in and in good order.

We are not having the traditional sort of meal, but there will be roast meat, and that means cold leftovers later (love leftovers – something to grab, nothing to prepare), some salad, and we’ll go pretty lightly on everything else.

Sadly for me, our idea of a “treat” this year backfired, so Greg inherits all the biscuits (cookies), bread and most of the chocolate. I got a bad reaction when we dived into some decadence the weekend prior to his holidays, then again two days later, thus identifying the culprit as starch, I don’t dare indulge again (one sandwich costs me an entire day). It simply is not worth it. Greg will take it easy, though, because he can get bad reactions, too, but so far he is holding his own.

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Blogsville visits over the holidays – light, but I have not forgotten you.


Part of my daily schedule in Blogsville is catching up with my favorite sites and spending a little time there – I also do this between writing scenes or while I’m nutting over some ideas or waiting for the kettle to boil or eating lunch, it’s like having friends pop in and we can engage in some light chatter before getting back to work – Over the holiday period, however, my schedule will be disrupted and much of my visiting will be limited.

Greg has his holidays for the next three weeks and, while I intend to keep up as I may, I also recognize that it will throw my schedule out. Primarily, we will be sitting up much later. As I’m an early bird, I will still get up early, but not as early (I’m usually up at 4:30, sometimes as late as 5:00. During the holidays, with not turning in until midnight, I’m likely to sleep in until 6:00 or even 7:00 – yes, I know I’m going to get teased for that one).  😀

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Saturday Flashback.

Wilderness 600 x 120

Okay, not so much a look at a distant past post today, more a look back around the corner post for those fairly new to this blog (basically, I’m going out today and didn’t have time to get inventive, so I’m plucking for a bit of excitement here) – I’m going to point you in the direction of some Wilderness Photos from way back in time when we lived adventurously on a 250 acre tropical block in the Northern Territory, Australia, without a house, without on-line power, without running water and without a sewage system, but with plenty of interesting bed-fellows (yes, they were that close) – Now don’t get nervous, I’m not going to jump you straight to the snake photos.

What has this to do with writing? Well, it was the closest anyone can get to alien landscape pioneering – out there, isolated and off the grid – imagine leaving your city, your town, stepping out into bushland (or forest) and not coming back in for near on five years.

Greg, my husband, hung onto his job in the city and commuted there and back every day, leaving me alone from before dawn until after dark. So, I was the property manager, the one who collected water, washed clothes by hand, generated power to feed into the batteries, put in water pipes and roads (after teaching myself how to drive and operate a backhoe), and kept the bandits out.

It was there that I gained confidence and did some tremendous spiritual growing (although that is not and never will be the subject of this blog, it nevertheless brought profound change and I am today the end result).

My idea for a book turned into a series there on that block, too, one alien planet turning into a multitude of them and various characters came forward – Morragt and the Chiddran, Nyssla and Thain. It was also where Sturn stopped being a psychopath and grew an intellect – who knew?

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Blogging in the Holidays.


I’m not sure how it’s all going to work – Greg starts his holidays next Monday and will be off for three whole weeks, which means lying in bed in the mornings for him (I’m an early-bird so will get up anyway) and going up the hill in the afternoons for both of us, now that it’s warm enough to do so, it being Summer in Australia – but there will be trips out and about also, so while I intend to pop in and blog daily, there will be some days I might not be in at all.

I figure it’s likely to be a quiet time for everybody and, while that’s no reason to stop, I might be interrupted from time to time. We tend to do things spur of the moment during the holidays, like driving across the state to visit a town we’ve never been to, simply because we’ve never been to it.

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Oh, What Impeccable Timing – Not!


Hmmmm… I may have an issue here with my proposed 5 day Kindle book giveaway from the 27th to the 31st of December – the calendar on the set-up page won’t allow me to start or stop after the 27th (which came as a surprise to me) Closer inspection shows that the regular 90 day enrollment with the Kindle Library expires on the 26th which is probably the cause of it – The good news is I am already marked for automatic renewal, so come the 26th things should automatically come right and that calendar should open up and allow me to apply the extension.

Sorry to ramble on about the technical side of things (poorly), but as I have already put out in Blogsville my intention for the 5 day giveaway, it’s important to point out a possible hitch concerning it.

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