A Dry Chapatti and the End in Sight.

After a panicked couple of weeks and the threat of only a dry chapatti under the locked door of my office for sustenance (“But, darling! A dry chapatti does not a chapter make!”), I’m back in the “Yep, will make the time schedule easily” bracket.

Don’t get me wrong, threats don’t work. I got topping on that chapatti. I had to fight for it, but I won. We writers cannot afford to allow working threats to cloud the judgment of those nearest and dearest, right? Of course right!

Okay, so this is an update. We’re talking about The King’s Sacrifice, the new title of book two of the Khekarian Series due out next month (July). There were a lot of little gaps needing sewing shut and a fair jumble ahead at that point. A lot of stuff has to meet up and tie up neatly at the end, so working through that – especially when there was so much of it to balance with everything else – well, you get the drift.

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