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Book II More Important than Book I

Have you ever been ambushed by a notion? You know, you’re going along, minding your own business, when something leaps onto your head and burrows into your mind and you never can get rid of it. Like that.

No one told me when I was writing Book I that Book II would be more important. I thought Book I was the important one, you know, launch the series, get it started, introduce the main characters and set up the fun stuff.

I got jumped by that realization when I got going on Book II.

Why, I hear you ask, why is it so? (I’m a writer, I can make this stuff up if I want to). 🙂

Because Book II is the link between Book I and Book III.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but stay with me, I’ll explain.

Book I gets a reader started on what hopefully will become an interesting and exciting journey along the series. Obviously Book I is vital. Book II is vital for a different reason. [Continue reading…]