Tweaking my Doubles, plus an Update on Book Two, and an Apology on Sex.

One at a time. Tweaking my Doubles: Posts, that is. Last Thursday (Wednesday to my USA pals), I posted an announcement that I will now post twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays (Mondays and Thursdays in the USA). This saw a spike in readership. Nice.

It might be one of those things, or it might be that Thursdays (Wednesdays, yeah you know where) is simply a better day for people to browse. I’m relatively new to blogging and have to take my cues where I get them. So, yes, you betcha, I’ll now be posting Tuesdays (Mondays) and Thursdays (Wednesdays), not Fridays (Thursdays).

This counts as one of them (oh shoot! Sorry ‘bout that). Okay, okay, that’s why there’s an Update on Book Two (I have to give you people something, right?) [continue reading…].