Mij – What the heck…?

She is missing from my posts. Why? I’ve left her out, that’s why. Okay, it was accidental, but before we get started here, don’t let my recent bimbo post distract you – this is not a bimbo-moment, got it? Mij is a kid, and she is in a stack of trouble. Come back next week to meet Sevi, who is also not a bimbo by the way, but at least the snippet that’s coming is tantalizing. THIS snippet is just plain serious and a little bit scary. It’s meant to be.

The preview I’m about to point you to is actually already up on my blog and most of you may have already seen it. The reason for this introduction is because,
apart from waffle on about various things, I’ve introduced other chapters and
snippets from Book 1, The Khekarian Threat, and Book 2, The Imperial Son. This
has covered: [continue reading…].