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Worlds Without Laws – Sci-fi series with Murder, Kidnapping and Slavery.


It had to be where laws were few and ineffectual, a place where the population was sparse, and law enforcement only existed inside remote settlements – the plight I gave to Aleisha could not be easy to overcome.

It was one of the reasons The Khekarian Threat is a sci-fi, although my love for science fiction would never have seen it anything else.

Wilderness planet colonization allows for almost any adventure. It also provides an assortment of backdrops with regard to different environments, politics, life, war, situations and delicious problems.

Murder, kidnapping and slavery just add to the fun!

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DEADLY KHEKARIAN SOLDIER – From The Khekarian Threat, out now on Amazon.


“She’s Khekarian,” Aleisha stated. Charlie didn’t see the problem.

“Yes, there are two of them,” he answered easily.

Soldiers?” Aleisha queried, swinging her head to look at him. She was invaded by deeper anxiety. “Didn’t you think I should know? Didn’t you think it was relevant?”

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She Bled to Death on a Wilderness World.


Charlie could do nothing to save her. He watched and wept while his young wife bled out giving birth to a dead baby girl.

As young pioneers and First Wave settlers to the planet, they never saw the danger of true isolation. Now death had taken everything to live for. With his own hands, Charlie buried her, his wife and their unnamed daughter, there at the homestead they had been creating. He would never again appreciate the wilderness. He would never again step into their home.

Charlie never remarried. He grew old in one of the cities on Zumaridi, working as supervisor at the large transport warehouses, overseeing the delivery operations that serviced the towns and settlements across the globe.

Over the years, the road teams became his life. Some of them were like family to him.

That’s why he cares when things go horribly wrong for Aleisha.

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Oops! Late and Not Here Anyway.


I’m searching for exciting new pics to use – Yes, I know, I love what I had, too, but maybe it’s time to find something that tells more of a tale and connects more with characters and action and locations.

There’ll be scenery. And skies. And adventure, if I can find any. Gosh, that means people. I do intend to get something beautiful and keep to colorful, and I’ll try not to get lost in the crowd.

I will keep my planets and stars because I love them too much and they say “sci-fi”, but I’ll lose the abstracts (mostly).

You’ll have to let me know what you think about the new lot when I start using them. :D

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Your Abandoned Desk – Writer’s Block (a Post from the Past)


It’s been a long time since reams of the finished product has been seen spewing from your printer, that wondrous machine of sound and light once upon a time delivering the majesty of your work into physical form, now sitting there, dormant, silent, a black box with no mystery at all about it anymore – a layer of dust speaking of a lack of appreciation or, worse, contempt.

Your desk has been abandoned. Not tidy, mind, never that – just left, as though you got up one day meaning to return and just… didn’t. Your chair sits there waiting. A cat or two might take your place for awhile, but it’s not the same thing. The writer is gone.

Where are you now? For certain it’s not anywhere in this world. Your eyes are glazed, unfocused, your mind as far from the concerns of the flesh as your hands are from that keyboard at your desk.

Yet you breathe. Gently, to be sure, with no strain – but also with no hope, no heart. Why did you ever try so hard? It’s no easy path, being a writer.

A friend comes by and comments lightly, “Hey, you’re not at your desk, you’re not working.” And this is someone who knows you, who cares, one of the Good Guys, one of the few who understands.

Not working? Oh really?

You fade out again, staring at the sky or the wall. Maybe the TV grabs your attention for a time, but that’s just fake, you’re not really there at all, just going through the motions. You eat – do you remember what it was? You sleep, but not well. You wash, you dress, you go out when you need to. For what? Is it important? No. Nothing’s important. You do whatever you have to do and come home again. But not to your desk.

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Waiting for Inspiration in the Cold.


I don’t know about you but I like my warmth, and as pretty as snow is, it’s not nice waking up to a cold house, it slows me down – Yes, folks, it’s Winter in Australia and we’ve had days and nights of sleet and hail and snow.

I’ve changed all my screen savers to warm sunny pictures. Icebergs are out. Snow, ice, water scenes, even cool colors are out. In come pictures of volcanos, fire and desert scenes. All just to give me the illusion of warmth as I sit in a cold office at 5:00 a.m., wearing fingerless gloves, waiting for my brain to warm up with the latest cup of coffee, and start producing.

Yes, I do have a heater in my office. It’s a kerosene heater meant for outdoor camping. I DON’T CARE, it’s faster than waiting two hours for the combustion stove in the kitchen to kick in. Actually, unless it’s very cold, I won’t light that until the afternoon.

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Saturday Flashback.

Wilderness 600 x 120

Okay, not so much a look at a distant past post today, more a look back around the corner post for those fairly new to this blog (basically, I’m going out today and didn’t have time to get inventive, so I’m plucking for a bit of excitement here) – I’m going to point you in the direction of some Wilderness Photos from way back in time when we lived adventurously on a 250 acre tropical block in the Northern Territory, Australia, without a house, without on-line power, without running water and without a sewage system, but with plenty of interesting bed-fellows (yes, they were that close) – Now don’t get nervous, I’m not going to jump you straight to the snake photos.

What has this to do with writing? Well, it was the closest anyone can get to alien landscape pioneering – out there, isolated and off the grid – imagine leaving your city, your town, stepping out into bushland (or forest) and not coming back in for near on five years.

Greg, my husband, hung onto his job in the city and commuted there and back every day, leaving me alone from before dawn until after dark. So, I was the property manager, the one who collected water, washed clothes by hand, generated power to feed into the batteries, put in water pipes and roads (after teaching myself how to drive and operate a backhoe), and kept the bandits out.

It was there that I gained confidence and did some tremendous spiritual growing (although that is not and never will be the subject of this blog, it nevertheless brought profound change and I am today the end result).

My idea for a book turned into a series there on that block, too, one alien planet turning into a multitude of them and various characters came forward – Morragt and the Chiddran, Nyssla and Thain. It was also where Sturn stopped being a psychopath and grew an intellect – who knew?

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Kangaroos… and maybe wallabies.


Wallabies are a small breed of kangaroo and can be mistaken for young ones, and this group looked to be a mix of wallabies and kangaroos – turning up right when I was thinking about them, conveniently next door in a neighboring paddock – It was hard to tell exactly which breed(s) they were as they were pretty well at the limits of our camera’s zoom, but the large dark one was definitely a kangaroo.

There are several differences between kangaroos and wallabies, from differences in teeth to differences in ankle-to-knee proportion (the kangaroo having more length, as they are built for racing along in open spaces, while wallabies are more built for forested areas).


The biggest difference between them is size. There are quite a few species of both kangaroo and wallabies, and quite a range in sizes for both. Wallabies can reach six feet from head to tail, but if you are looking at height and discount the length of their tails, wallabies only grow to between 30 cm and 104 cm (1 foot to 3 feet 5 inches) and weigh between 2 and 24 kg (4 to 53 pounds). Kangaroos, however, can grow over 2 metres (8 feet), and can weigh over 90 kg (200 pounds).

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Spot the Kangaroo!


(No, not in this picture – the next one) The road we traveled changed from a bitumen highway to a dirt one as we explored other routes through the hills on New South Wales – I had taken dozens of shots when I caught a glimpse of a dozen kangaroos bounding across the paddock (exactly the sort of camera shot I was after), except that the camera had automatically turned itself off and took a moment to get it active again – by which time the entire group had scattered out of sight.

As we followed the road curving around the side of the hill, we saw them again and I took a few wildly hopeful shots. They were moving so fast and I was totally unable to see anything in the viewfinder, but I thought it worth a go.

When I looked at the shots I had taken, the hills were bare – except for one photo. See if you can spot the kangaroo in the photo below.

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